For some folks, the only thing scarier than a creepy crawly insect is a creepy crawly insect that can fly. Whether it’s a brief buzzing right next to your ear or territorial bees that have targeted your lunch, flying insects can be a bit of a nuisance, and it doesn’t help that they have a fair bit more mobility. Like their ground-counterparts, flying insects have an incredible importance to their respective ecosystems too. However, they can still be invasive and you’ll still want to make sure they aren’t anywhere near the inside of your home.

Phoenix and the surrounding areas in Arizona are well known for their large populations of insects and that’s also the case for their flying counterparts. Some of these flying pests are more annoying than a true pest control concern, but some are more serious and should be dealt with by professional pest control experts like the ones at Property Management. You might not know that 99% of the bee population in Arizona are Africanized — this means they have adapted African bee characteristics, like territorial aggression. This aggression is so intense that they can seriously injure or even kill a person or animal that wanders into their territory. Whether it’s “killer bees” or another pestilential flying insect that has invaded your home, Property Management Pest and Termite Control is here to help.