Insects are an inherent part of living on this Earth. There are so many different types of creepy-crawlies that populate all over the world and most of them are important and interesting creatures, until you find one crawling on you or in your house. It’s not like all insects are inherently bad; in fact, a lot of them have incredibly important roles that sustain their respective ecosystems. But when it comes to the thought of those insects crawling around the nooks and crannies of your home, scurrying over your bed while you sleep, you might feel the need to clean up your home from their presence.

Property Management Pest and Termite Control is dedicated to providing that cleanup and extermination service to your property or HOA. We have a team of highly-skilled pest exterminators and equipment with plenty of experience exterminating all kinds of pests in all kinds of ways. Our professional pest control specialists are committed to freeing your home of any undesirable insects, as well as more specialized pest control services. Keep reading to learn the general pests we can evict!