Gopher Extermination Services

Gophers are one of the few types of pests that truly live most of their life beneath the surface of the earth. Just like any effective subway system in a large city, gophers dig a system of burrows that tunnel through the underground, right below the surface during the spring, and deeper down during the winter. These tunnels are astounding in scale, generally going down a couple feet and stretching horizontally for potentially hundreds of feet more. The process of digging out a tunnel generally leads to these noticeable horseshoe-shaped mounds of dirt on the surface. This mounds can, at best, show you that you have a gopher infestation that will require professional pest control services, and at worst, damage passing lawn or farm equipment.

Regardless of what their dirt mounds show to you, a gopher infestation can be a truly damaging infestation on your house. The system of wires, lines, and piping that runs underneath your home or yard are right in the prime real estate for a family of gophers that potentially want to call your property home. And when they are creating their home network of tunnels, an irrigation pipeline or a utility cable that is in their way is simply just an obstacle that they are going to gnaw through. This destruction, if unchecked, can be a devastating blow to both your property and your wallet, with the repairs and servicing required to fix them. If you see signs of a gopher infestation, you will need an effective extermination service