We are currently living through a chaotic and scary time, as the country and the whole world endures the pandemic spread of the coronavirus. The effects it has on our loved ones, our economy, and our own personal lives is truly unprecedented in the modern world. During this time of true crisis, and the recent stay-at-home order issued by Gov. Ducey, our team at Property Management Pest and Termite Control want you to know that we are still open, and we are taking as many precautionary measures as possible to ensure the safety of our staff, as well as our customers. Keep reading to learn more about the precautions we are taking, the discounts we are offering, and how Property Management Pest and Termite Control can still serve you during this difficult time.

Precautions We Are Taking

During this time, it is critical that we take the actions required to slow down the spread of this virus and mitigate the impact it has on our lives and our community. If we can help “flatten the curve” of the exponentially spreading coronavirus, we can help take the pressure off of our healthcare system, and ultimately help those on the front lines fight this disease so we can all return to our normal lives.

It’s not “business as usual” here at Property Management Pest and Termite Control, but we are ensuring that we can provide the high-quality pest control service you expect from us, while still maintaining proper precautions. These precautions include: 

  • Any employee who travels to or near a known hotspot must self-isolate for 14 days before returning to work or any job sites, as well as being directed to cancel any unnecessary personal travel.
  • We have taken implemented intensified measures at our offices, to ensure a sanitized and safe environment that we will continually monitor.
  • We have requested that all of our employees implement social distancing at all times, staying at least 6 feet away from others, both coworkers and clients. 
  • We are continuing to have all our technicians wear gloves and sanitized gear, as well as take proper precautions to limit any physical interaction with residents they may encounter.
  • Our staff will continue to personally wash their hands as frequently as possible, and utilize hand sanitizer when hand washing isn’t available.
  • For all of our clients, we request that all community managers inform/ask residents that if they or their children are feeling unwell, sick or recovering from illness but still exhibiting outward symptoms (sniffling, runny nose, coughing), that they refrain from visiting the playgrounds, clubhouses, pools and amenities for 14 days minimum.

We have to make sure that we do our part towards halting the spread of the coronavirus, from ensuring our company and staff are following the right safety procedures, to ensuring that our clients and their communities are doing their part as well. Whatever it takes, we are committed to staying open and providing the quality pest control service you expect during this time, no matter the circumstances.