Is your community protected?

Since 2010 we have been serving and protecting your communities inside the HOA industry from all types of unwanted pests! We take great pride in providing customer service, quick and precise communication and service picture reports of the pest control treatments we provide your community. There is no guessing game to the type of service we will provide your community. The proof is in the pictures!! If your HOA is looking for a pest control company with knowledge of the industry, customer service oriented and accountability for our treatments, then look no further then Property Management Pest & Termite Control.

At Property Management Pest & Termite Control, we offer pest control for the following:

  • General Pests (roaches, spiders, ants, earwigs, silverfish, etc…)
  • Flying Insects (bees and mosquitoes)
  • Scorpions (nighttime black light treatments and dusting)
  • Rats (traps, bait stations and sealing of buildings)
  • Gophers (traps, bait and PERC machine)
  • Termites (treatments around buildings, trees and annual warranty programs)
  • Ticks & Fleas (treatment of common areas)

If you don’t see your pest problem on that list, get in touch with our team. We’ll let you know if we can help.