When you live in Phoenix or anywhere in the surrounding area, you have to deal with pests; it just comes with the territory. Whether it’s the classic spiders in your garage or a couple of scorpions in your yard, we Phonecians have to cope with our fair share of creepy crawlies. But depending on the time of the year, a few pesky little critters should be worrying you more than others. 

Winters in Phoenix are less of traditional winter wonderlands and more extra chilly nights, but that temperature shift still has an important and noticeable effect on the insect and rodent populations. The colder temperature shift can push the normally thriving pests that live scattered throughout the Phoenix outdoors towards any nearby warmer area, say, a cozy home that you and your family live in. Keep reading to learn more about these pests to watch out for, and how Property Management Pest and Termite Control in Phoenix can help.

Winter Pests in Phoenix: The Breakdown

The pests come inside to play when winter gets underway, so here is a list of the most common pests that you might need to watch out for as the temperatures drop and the winter months come.

1. Spiders

An absurdly common pest, especially in the Valley and surrounding areas, spiders love to seek out the warmth of your home during the colder months. Most spiders are harmless, like the extremely common cellar spider or “Daddy Long-legs”, but black widow and brown recluse spiders are also fairly common in the Phoenix area, and both are very venomous. These scary 8-legged arachnids love to make their winter habitats in your garage or attic, and unfortunately if you see one in your home, you can expect to see more — so, at that point, you might need to give your trusted local pest control, Property Management Pest Control, a call.

2. Termites

These little critters are probably the most important ones to keep an eye out for during these Arizona winter months. Winter weather usually wipes out any and all termites that are outside in the cold temperatures, but the tame Arizona winter temperatures mean this doesn’t happen in Phoenix, and cold termites love to multiply a cozy home/source of food. If you see either these dry wood termites or subterranean termites in your home, you need immediate professional help. Luckily Property Management Pest and Termite Control has a lot of experience dealing with termite infestations, and completely eradicating them with proven techniques and cutting edge equipment.

3. Scorpions

Another extremely common, and somewhat unique Phoenix pest, scorpions are all over Arizona, and during cold months, they hibernate. But unfortunately, they like warm places to hibernate, like a dark warm crevice in your garage or underneath the cozy floorboards in your attic. And maybe even more frightening, they only need a 1/16” sized opening to enter your home. The most common type of scorpion you’ll see is the bark scorpion, and they usually hibernate together in clusters of up to 30. So like spiders, if you see one in your home, it might be worth an anxious search for the rest of them. Or if that sounds a little too scary, give Property Management Pest Control a call and our pest control specialists will take on that scary-sounding job.

4. Ants

Ants are not very active during the winter, as they usually hibernate underground during the colder months, and they won’t just invade your home en masse. However, if they have already infested your home, or their hibernation puts their colony somewhere close to or underneath your home, you might have to do some precautionary ant searching. When ants are able to feel the warmth of a home so easily, they start their natural foraging behaviors, only this time, foraging for leftover food in your home. If you start waking up to battalions of ants raiding your kitchen counter, give Property Management Pest Control a call and we will provide high-quality pest control services to anywhere in the Phoenix or surrounding areas.

5. Small Rodents

As with all of these other pests that are active in your home during the winter months, small rodents also seek out the warmth and shelter of your home, especially during those cold-as-it-will-get-in-Phoenix winter nights. While these rodents might seem like more an icky nuisance than concern or danger, rats and mice can carry a variety of different pathogens and pose a serious health risk if they were to bite, even accidentally. Property Management Pest and Termite Control, as you may have guessed by now, has an extensive history exterminating rodent infestations, most commonly rats in Phoenix homes. So call today if you hear the scurrying on your floor!

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Winter Pest Control with Property Management Pest Control

Us Phoenicians have to deal with plenty of pests as a price of living in our beautiful city of Phoenix. And unfortunately, the cold winter months ahead don’t really change that reality too much. But that doesn’t mean all is lost or that it will be a huge burden on you. You have access to some extremely high-quality and friendly pest control specialists with Property Management Pest and Termite Control, who are dedicated to providing the pest control service you need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, or view our extensive pest control services here. Call now!